Our Story

Gulf Contact Centers is the brainchild of combined creative efforts of two business entrepreneurs. They felt the need for establishing a call center for outsourcing purposes in Kuwait. They were determined to become market leaders in the service industry for their customers. They achieved this by forming a state-of-the-art outsourcing call center in this region. The first of those two entrepreneurs was Majed Al Terkait. He has earned his reputation in the outsourcing business. He has managed one of the biggest manpower outsourcing companies in Kuwait, known as KANEE. He had picked up considerable experience as a manager of a successful and an established company that were one of the first in this region to be listed publicly and one that listed highly on the stock market in Kuwait. The second entrepreneur was Anas Al Falah. He held an MBA Degree in computer sciences from Kuwait University. Anas had significant experience in technical and managerial training, which included a Program of Leadership Development (PLD) from Harvard Business School. Anas worked in one of the top IT companies in Kuwait. He was responsible for developing the CRM of the Telecom operators and implemented call center systems in various business project. Both these entrepreneurs contracted KPMG in 2006 for a full feasibility study for the market need of call center outsourcing services. Soon after, they approached the Ministry of Communication and Ministry of Trading to have the call center outsourcing services classified as a licensed business in Kuwait and manage to attain special codes. They always wanted to expand their business in this region and hence, called it Gulf Contact Centers (GCCS). GCCS began with a bang by launching its services with an iconic project with Kuwait Census in 2010. This particular project had a call-center capacity of making up to 6000 calls per day. The call center had a major role to play in creating an electronic census in doing the electronic census and helped enumerators in the field so that they could reach people quickly and efficiently. GCCS has become an exemplary service provider today in the call center outsourcing industry as it serves in diverse languages other than Arabic and English and has achieved success as a world leader in outsourcing business.