What is Call Center Outsourcing?

In simple words, it is seeking resources, or subcontracting, outside of an organizational structure for all or part of a call center function. You might outsource your call center because it is cheaper to contract a third-party than it would be to build your own in-house call center facility and management team. GCCS goes far beyond, with a blend of variety of operating models.

Full Contact Center

GCC core business is to provide its clients with customized external /in-house contact/call center solutions that covers



Employees recruitment





With an agents plug & play service we provide top of the line trained contact center agents hired and selected based on your core & technical competencies criteria

Handling Overflow

GCC works for its clients as a virtual backup contact center that deals with interactions overflow to maintain your customer satisfaction even in case of crisis or overload that might be generated as a result of media campaigns etc.

Social Media

GCC is the only unique outsourcing contact center that involved social media tools in the business management as a major communication multichannel due to noticed efficiency among the community, now you are able to interact, respond and get direct customers and community feedback over your products & services through Twitter, Face book, YouTube


In respect to specific industries needs of data security also some restricted companies policies & procedures those are strategically driven, GCC provides a Unique Contact Center business model in which we Set-up and operate and then transfer a contact center management with full know how handover to our clients after a predefined time period.

Quality and mystery shopping

Our quality team designs industry specific quality monitoring process based on our client objectives to allow performance improvements among the contact center staff through the following:

Quality monitoring sheets

Design quality monitoring operations

Mystery shopping technique

Calls overriding

Employees & systems assessment

Performance reporting

Recommendation reports


In order to propose the best solution for you, our Operations and IT teams IT will develop a special report that will jointly address all aspects related to your specific call center requirements and assess particular needs and shortfalls so that we can help enhance the services we will provide to you. Our teams help in the development of appropriate KPIs that will be agreed upon mutually between us. The Operations Team will study call behaviour, particularly on all peak hours of a day, of a week and on heavy peak days of a month. It will then provide solutions to address agent qualifications which are essential in answering smartly. This team will also develop a special manual that includes all FAQs, usage of the call-center systems and set up guidelines for successful measurement of the call-center operations.

Our IT Team will address all issues involving technical aspects such as the number of lines expected for concurrent integration of calls between the PBXs or other alternatives. We would understand thoroughly about our involvement and whether it would entail services for a call center in terms of overflow outsourcing, seasonal outsourcing or manpower outsourcing. Once all issues are successfully taken care of, you will receive a manual with appropriate solutions for your specific needs of running a call-center. It will include the best deliverables for your business requirements.

Outsourcing by number of calls in a call center signifies that all incoming and outgoing calls get managed for your business enterprise. We help focus largely on interpersonal connections and representatives with customer bases. We automate the systems to expedite the call process. We make sure that the call center is created to function like an intricate machine that is capable of handling very high volumes of calls during the operational hours and we train the agents to log down all conversations, accordingly.

   At the outset, our outsourcing management team will develop appropriate documents and conduct training for the agents to handle the calls deftly and diligently. Then, this team will arrive at SLA and expected service measurements with our clients. It is important to consider that once you go live, either partial cold calls or all calls will get terminated at the outsourcing location as a result of the Ministry of Communication divesting that function or as a result of PBX integration. You can expect the agents to handle all calls professionally and terminate them with the levels of customer service you expect as a client along with world class quality of performance. You will get a weekly report from us on the Sunday performance, measuring the KPIs and the quality of calls that were made.

   As a Client, you will have access to both live and historic operations and also have access to reports at any given time. You can always monitor the quality of services and calls by listening to them. What makes our running of the call center different is the fall and rise of the volume of calls. There are no set numbers of calls that agents or representatives are necessarily asked to make in a particular day; it will all depend on the number of callers who are phoning into our center on a given day.


We will create a databank of resumes of all your call-center agents and have their training record made available to you, as a client. You will be able to assess and acknowledge their skills and you will be confident that they have the necessary expertise to handle all kinds of client calls after they go through the products and services’ training. Our services will be offered either through a number of dedicated agents in the client’s outsourcing location or through the number of available hours or seats of those agents.

There are several variables that are involved in outsourcing costs and they include type of work, skill levels, and duration of an application. Costs can be shared when a pool of agents will answer calls for a fixed number of clients. The clients will be paying only for the time that is used on basis per minute. Shared services would be perfect for applications that involve big volume swings or totally low activity. Dedicated services will involve a group of agents who will handle calls especially for a single client and call centers would ideally price these kinds of services on a per-hour basis.

Our customer care skills offer customized service in terms of outsourcing a call center by number of licensed systems, after sales support, order processing services and revenue management. With our support and email management and live chat facilities through our licensed systems, we are well suited to address all your needs and improve the brand value of your business by implementing these licensed systems. This kind of service is provided for clients who are seeking to maintain optimal expenses of their call centers.

Solutions are offered to you through listening to those agents who answer the received calls; the call center managers can monitor their teams, listen to the call histories or extract reports concerning their team’s performance in term of being compatible with our 50 XL call-center system. This link is always sent back to your location where you have the system set up. This is done without any charges. It saves you the expense of investing for a full call center system and then maintaining it and hiring IT team specialists in order to serve you.

It will serve your business well when you outsource your call center services by number of offices in various offshore locations and also outsource equipment which is provided by centers such as GCCS in Kuwait. It will go a long way in cutting down a good chunk of your business operating costs. You can leave the investment headache to us when it comes to facilities, infrastructure, equipment, staff and overheads. This helps in spreading out the costs across vendors like us who offer highly flexible and affordable pricing options to you.

We help provide comfortable call center seats, desks, chairs, headsets, laptops and all other equipment that is related to the smooth and successful functioning of an outsourced call center for the purpose of answering calls. You will have an atmosphere that exudes privacy and is totally isolated from noise pollution. We will provide quality headsets and the latest modules of laptops while you enjoy access to efficient telephone line connections and the internet.