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In the modern world, convenience and great customer experience (CX) go hand in hand.

In the modern world, convenience and great customer experience (CX) go hand in hand. For this reason, consumers typically experience brands best when their approach is clear, consistent, and connected. Whether you're using an app on your phone, browsing a website on your computer, or shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, integrated encounters are convenient and easy for your customers, while helps build brand loyalty. An effective, fully integrated customer experience is usually so seamless that it goes unnoticed. However, that doesn't mean it will magically happen naturally. This is underpinned by so-called omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel channel combines all of a company's marketing efforts into an integrated and consistent brand experience across all channels. This means that the message and tone, look and graphics, and previous interactions with customers are in harmony. For example, if you want to buy something online and pick it up in store, that's an example of omnichannel marketing.

A well-executed omnichannel marketing strategy should go largely unnoticed by your customers. Their experience should be seamless enough so that all their needs are met as they arise. In fact, customers are more likely to find omnichannel his marketing strategy inadequate. Have you ever been frustrated with your interaction with a brand? Maybe you were looking for support and their social media accounts were friendly and helpful, but have you ever been disappointed by their customer service phone lines? This is a perfect example of how an omnichannel approach can go wrong.

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